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Miracle Box Ver 2.55 released Latest

Miracle Box Ver 2.55 ReleasedÂ

Miracle box

What is Miracle Box?
Miracle Box is a China Mobile repair device based on technology called Fuzzy Logic Method, Miracle Box unique features makes it different from other Software Repair Boxes.

In case of any Latest Update Arrival, You don’t need to waste time on any website or contact a Distributor/Reseller/Supporter to get Update. It has an Awesome Auto Update future You just to click once on Update Button and sit back your box and software will automatically update it.(Internet Connection Required)

What is the use of Miracle Box?
It is a well developed repair software for china mobiles, as you see in the market a lot of Chinese gadgets are presents now a days in the world so you can say its a complete solution truly for china mobiles repair.

What is Fuzzy Logic Method Technology?
Fuzzy Logic Method Technology is well known in combination of Hardware and Software, this is not database dependent technology, It is a form of many-valued logic in which the truth values of variables may be any real number between 0 and 1.sometimes it uses its integrated function for checking what the problem is in an electronic device, it change its own signal/function according to the problem accrued, in which no need to update software database always.

What Miracle Box Cables Package Contain?
1pcs 2in1 Main cable
41 pcs jigs (jigs can be used aswell as cables).
A2B Cables

Why Miracle box is ideal?
this is the brand new technology based (Fuzzy logic)
It’s a user-friendly work on single click on.
auto Detection no needs to define which CPU have in your device.
No need to update every day simply Press single update Button.
Miracle box has largest CPU information Library.
It Comes with Multi languages Support.

Useful Update

Whats New in Updates :

Miracle Box V2.55

1.Qualcomm Add Imei/MEID/ESN Repair for OPPO (Oppo Method2) (World’s First)
2.Qualcomm Add Imei/MEID/ESN Repair for VIVO (World’s First)
3.Qualcomm Improve MSM 8996/MSM 8994 support
4.Qualcomm Improve MSM 8996/MSM 8994 Flashing/Read/format
5.Qualcomm Improve Reset EFS in EDL mode
6.Qualcomm Improve VIVO Factory Reset
7.Qualcomm Improve Auto Detection for Qualcomm Devices Port
8.SPD Improve SC9830 EMMC Boot Add New mobile support
9.Software fix some bugs


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